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 Bedules CA

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Name: Bedules CA
Date of birth: 10/02/2015
Father: Ules VDOS
Mother: Beduina XLIV
Coat colour: Gray
Size: 1,69 m

 Description: Bedules CA, Young Recommended Breeding Stock for Dressage and for Conformation traits for Dressage by ANCCE, is a spectacular beauty stallion with exceptional quality movements that passing to his offspring. Bedules has a San Jorge dressage level and a wide sports career: Champion of the ANCCE’s Cup at the CDN ** Peña de Bejar and at the CDN *** Complejo de Aros in 2019; and in the CDN*** RACE, in the CDN*** Las Cadenas and CDN*** Segovia in 2021, as well as finalist in the SICAB World Championship 2019 and 2021, among other achievements.

His bloodline is impressive, his father, Ules VDOS (Improver Breeding Stock) and Beduina XLIV (Young Recommended Breeding Stock). In his genetic line we can find mythical horses for the Purebred Spanish Horse such as Impaciente II, Kabileño VIII or Educado X, all of them Elite Breeding Stock.

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