The history of La Yeguada del Bejar

With its elegant step, its look, its charm and style with the artistry of a flamenco dancer, it is certain that someone with a divine hand was inspired to create this magnificent animal. With the temperament of an Andalucian gypsy and the nobleness of a boy, it has an easy way and an energetic character. The sand of the arena trembles with emotion to the rhythm of its feet. They have the stature of Hellenistic athletes, their solidity and bravery defined by the graceful curves of their silhouettes. 

This grandeur, recognised to be the symbol of the history of Troy is the reason why the Andalucian horse is recognized to be the pure Spanish breed, a breed of prestige.

An admirer of this noble specimen, José Conesa founded the Stud Farm, Yeguada La Peña de Béjar. The stud farm was created in 2000 when José Conesa retired and channelled his energies and passion into the world of horses. The first step was to travel to different stud farms in Andalucia, Barcelona and Alicante with the aim of finding the best quality pure Spanish bred horses. As a result he acquired the best examples of both stallions and mares from all over Spain to create the stud farm. 

Situated between Levante and Andalucia, Puerto Lumbreras is where more than 450 of these extraordinary Spanish pure breed specimens can be found. Breeding and schooling horses are the main work carried out in the Peña de Bejar.

Candau, Lovera, Romero Benitez Escalera or Yeguada Militar brands are the backbone of the stud farm. From these lines the most important stud farm of the region of Murcia was formed. Wisdom, pleasure and patience are the objectives in creating the perfect balance in a pure breed. From the beginning, one of the most important objectives was to create the best quality and in order to achieve this they are continuously tested against the different thoroughbred studs.

The result has been awards for Pure breed champions in Valencia, Jerez and Seville. Wins in the category of functionality of movement. Victories in morphological competitions at international level and prizes for best thoroughbred in many national exhibitions. A large quantity of trophies and the quality certificate vouch for the success of the breeding. The main reasons why one can count on the Spanish horse is because of the great beauty and nobleness of the animal along with its ability to learn the most intricate and exacting movements.

The magnificent stallion, Tejedor VII, who, along with Juan Antonio Martínez (the choreographer and trainer of the stud farm) is the star of the show, he synchronizes his step to the rhythm of a guitar. Tejedor, along with Juan Antonio and a dancer give an unforgettable performance. Tejedor is a horse of baroque lineage that communicates well and has a lot of class.

The classic combination of drama and art combine to make for a high class dressage and theatrical school. During performances, the public, along with the riders in the Peña de Béjar contribute to this outstanding art form of the equine world. The horse, in harmony with both the music and the rider, is the essence of classical dressage. Representatives of the pure Spanish breed, the horses and riders of the impressive Lumbrense stud farm are ambassadors of tradition, dexterity and skill. 

Uranium IV and Bronco VII are the equine stars of the arena, stallions that deserve their position at the very pinnacle of the sport. La Peña de Béjar is today a major player in this competitive world.

In order to end a story of tradition, southern madness and English perfection we can say many things about this stud farm and its champions, its future plans, or its facilities, however the best way to enjoy this beauty is through its images.

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