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Islero Caracol III


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Name: Islero Caracol III
Date of birth: 18/03/2014
Sire: Kalahari-Azores
Dam: Islera-Caracol
Coat colour: Bay
Size: 1,65 m

Description: Islero Caracol is a stallion born in 2014, very baroque, great beauty, and good conformation. His character is very docile, friendly and trusting with people, making handling him really easy. Islero has a good dressage level: pirouettes, passage, piaffe and Spanish walk. Besides, he has a very good aptitude to continue learning and evolving in his training.

Islero sire is Kalahari-Azores, Qualified Breeding Stock, and his dam is Islera-Caracol, both come by Indiano XLV, from Yeguada Candau. In his origins we can find the trace of the farms that founded the actual PRE horse, such as Viuda de Terry, Monte Palacio, Domeq Zurita, among others.

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