Nativo CA

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Name: Nativo CA
Date of birth: 10/01/2016
Father: Vabagundo XII
Mother: Nativa Caracol
Coat colour: Gray
Size: 1,68 m

Description: Nativo CA is an great beauty stallion with three quality movements. Awarded stallion in important Comformation Competitions such as: Gold Medal and Young Champion of the Contest in EQUIMUR 2018; Silver Medal at EQUISUR 2018; Gold Medal and Young Champion of the Contest at EXPOVICAMAN 2019; o Bronze Medal at the 2018 SICAB World PRE Championship; among others.

Nativo is son of Vagabundo XII, and grandson of the legendary Digital, Improver Breeding Stock and Champion of Spain in 2002, both by Yeguada Los Retamales. His dam is Nativa Caracol, daughter of Kalahari-Azores by Yeguada Azores.

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